Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jargon and legalese to avoid

When we see expressions like the ones below, we are allowed to ask ourselves, "What does this actually mean?" So often, they mean nothing, or where there is meaning, it can be better expressed by some terse Anglo-Saxon word. This may be one reason corporate leaders like to quote plain-speaking coaches---it frees them up from the gobbledygook found in corporate literature.

Jargon/technical terms

proprietary drug
intravenous solutions
logistics capabilities
coordinated manufacturing and distribution efforts
proprietary medicines
vertically integrated
cost-efficient providers
revenue synergies
lower margin products utilization
realigning sales forces
centralized management information systems
profit-enhancing synergies
global platform

definitive agreement
those preceded by
herein set forth
such forward-looking statements
without limitations
cease to conduct
completion of the
so surrendered
as amended
qualified in its entirety

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