Thursday, December 27, 2007

Going with a hunch on a "hard" SAT Question

Sometimes, intuition is an important tool for SAT takers, especially with "hard" questions like the SAT Question of the Day below.
Wily students can probably look at the word "prefatory,"figure it has something to do with a "preface," and get the right answer, eliminating "orthographic" as having something to do with spelling or handwriting and "conjunctive" as having something to do with "and" and "but" (or pink-eye).
In fact, it might even be confusing if you know that "proleptic" means anticipating and "redacted" means edited, since these might possibly fit in the sentence. So this is an example of when it's better to go with your first hunch on an SAT question rather than to "overthink" it.

The professor asked the students to make sure they read the entire novel, both the twelve regular chapters and the extensive ___________ materials that the author included at the beginning of the book.

a) proleptic
b) redacted
c) prefatory
d) orthographic
e) conjunctive

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