Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In praise of lyric poems -- an ode

from www.wordsmith.org

ode (rhymes with code) noun
A lyric poem celebrating a person, event, thing, etc., written in an exalted style.
[From Greek oide (song), ultimately from Indo-European root wed- (to speak) that's also the source of parody, comedy, tragedy, melody, and rhapsody.]

Today's word in Visual Thesaurus.

"The song, an ode to the nation on the occasion of Independence Day, takes on an extra dimension after 7/11* with its inspirational words."
-- Rajiv Vijayakar; Sonu Nigam's Ode to the Nation; Screen Weekly (New Delhi, India); Aug 11, 2006.
*July 11, 2006 bomb blasts in commuter trains in Mumbai, India.

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