Thursday, July 24, 2014

Linda Urbach's words at the memorial service for Bayard Clark in 1994


As we look toward our "Celebration of Linda" this weekend in Bridgeport, and the words we will use to remember her great spirit and humor, we've talked a lot about the eulogies she crafted for others.  

The one below, for her father-in-law, was among her most beautiful and well crafted.  

Words at the Memorial Service for the Rev. Bayard S. Clark  
By Linda Urbach
October 29, 1994
Christ Church, Harwich Port, Mass.     

      Bayard and I shared a love of sweets. Both of us had to
give them up. Occasionally he would indulge. And when he did
there was a look of such pleasure on his face it made you happy
just looking at him. 
      Halfway through a big dinner he would ask
whoever was in charge, “Are there pies in the oven?” And when
you presented him with a warm piece of blueberry pie a la mode
you always received the most wonderful smile in return. 
      His expression was one of pure sweetness. He had that same
expression on his face whenever he looked at his wife, his
children and his grandchildren.
        Sweet seems too simple a word to describe such a very
complicated man. But that’s how I like to remember him. That
and his heart, which was big and kind and rich and deep as the
fudge brownies he could never quite get enough of.
        If there is a heaven I know he is there, and I take great
comfort in the fact that he is able to eat anything he wants. No
more sugar free, salt free, alcohol free.  
       I like to think of him, in fact, at the bakery counter, in the sweet bye and bye having earned his just desserts, so that for him, the pies will always be in the oven and forever warm and sweet. Just like him.

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