Saturday, April 5, 2008

Allright already! More Yiddish -- a schlump and a schnook


schlump (shlump) noun A dull or slovenly person.
[From Yiddish shlumperdik (unkempt, sloppy).]

"'You don't want to dress up too much, but you don't want to be a schlump,' says Michael Kors."
-- Hal Rubenstein; Terrific Style by Age, by Size, by Shape, by Color; In Style (New York); Aug 2006.

schnook (shnook) noun A stupid, easily deceived person.
[From Yiddish shnuk (snout) or from German schnucke (a small sheep).]

"A gun-toting schnook became an embarrassing crook when he robbed a Spokane dollar store Sunday. Seriously, if you're going to commit a Class A felony, you might as well rob a Class A joint."
-- Frank Sennett; Dollar-Store Thief Bucks Common Sense; Spokesman Review (Washington); Mar 9, 2007.

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