Friday, April 18, 2008

More fun with malapropisms

Not sure if it's incorrect, but here is some interesting phraseology from a recent Knoxville News Sentinel about UT guard Chris Lofton:
"Lofton, who suffered an injured left foot in the Vols' win over Butler on Sunday, went through the Vols' 50-minute public practice session at Bobcats Arena without showing any favoritism to the foot."
Usually, we'd say Lofton didn't seem to be favoring his foot.

Headline from an earlier News Sentinel: Conservative groups rally to save Appalachian Tract.
Actually, the story was about "conservation" groups rallying to save a 10,000-acre tract of mountain land from residential development. Maybe the conservative groups would like to join in!

Sign at a restaurant: Credit Cards Excepted.

A billboard on I-24 touts a "Complementary Breakfast" offered at a Holiday Inn.
Perhaps this is intended to convey that the breakfast "complements" the room---that is, to complete or make perfect an otherwise pedestrian Holiday Inn experience. More likely, though, the word Holiday Inn was searching for is "complimentary," meaning "given free as a courtesy or favor."

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