Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dave Clawson, UT Volunteers offensive coordinator

Article about Dave Clawson, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the UT Volunteers.

What Keeps Dave Clawson Up At Night?
It's late and even the cleaning crew has gone home. The SEC's newest offensive guru, however, is just getting started...
By Brooks Clark Photography by Justin Fee

It’s June, and Dave Clawson is watching film of opponents’ defenses.

“We watch film all the time,” says Clawson. In season, he says he and his coaches consistently watch six hours of film on most days and 10 hours on Sundays and Mondays.
In early summer, Clawson is studying the 12 defenses his quarterback, Jonathan Crompton, will see this fall.
How do they line up on 3rd-and-long inside the Red Zone (inside their own 20-yard line)?
When do the defensive backs play man-to-man and when do they play zone (guard an area rather than a particular receiver)?
When do they tend to blitz (send a defensive back to try to sack the quarterback)?
Which of their players do they tend to put on the field in different situations?
“We look at the defenses eight different ways,” says Clawson.

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